Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline

New Problem Gambling Campaign Begins for SPGH

The Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Hotline has announced a new general awareness campaign. The campaign promotes the hotline and will encourage people to call in if they think they need help.

Signs of Gambling Addiction in Seniors

Many Seniors have money to spend, and some end up burning through their reserves.

Problem Gambling – What About the Children?

Problem gambling affects every family member. According to experts, a problem gambler affects the lives of eight others.

Problem Gambling: Depression & Suicide Risks

It is important to know that there is a high rate of depression, attempted suicide, and suicide among both problem gamblers and members of their families. Although depression and suicide are often related, not all depressed people are suicidal, and not all suicidal people are depressed.

BINGO & Problem Gambling

Bingo has a long history as a popular gambling game. Research on bingo has been almost exclusively limited to qualitative research.