Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline

How do I start to get help?

  • Take the Quiz!  This will help you determine your risk level for problem gambling. 
  • You can call, text, email or start an online chat with the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-306-6789.
  • Crisis Gambling Counsellors will provide you with short term gambling counselling.
  • Learn more about how a Gambling Counsellor can help you.
  • Try the Self Help resources.  Information can help guide healthy decisions related to gambling.
  • Attend a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting.  See Directory of Services for meeting times available in the province.

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What to expect when you Call

  • Confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental assistance.
  • Professional staff who are experienced and ready to work with clients no matter their circumstance or time of day.

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Helpline Services We Provide

  • ​Provide immediate, short-term support to those dealing with the effects of a gambling problem (gambler, concerned family member, friend, employer, or professional).
  • Respond immediately to a crisis situation, including thoughts of suicide.
  • Assess your gambling or the gambling behavior of someone you are concerned about.
  • Connect clients to appropriate, ongoing helping services.
  • Give perspective to complex situations, offer objective assistance, and lay the groundwork for positive change.
  • Offer encouragement to those that are reluctant to connect with ongoing issues, longer-term support.
  • Act as a support to clients, who feel the urge to gamble or are experiencing ongoing issues, when other services may not be available.
  • In a crisis situation, assist clients who do not speak English by accessing a translation service.


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I am still gambling, what else can I do?

  • Make an appointment with a trained gambling counsellor in your local health region.
    See the Directory of Services to find a gambling counsellor near you.
  • Try video counselling - it is available in more than 60 locations across the province.  
  • Attend a Day Treatment Program in Saskatoon or Regina.
  • Attend a Gambler Anonymous meeting.  Check out their website for meetings times, events, testimonials and FAQ's. 
  • The Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline can support you while you are involved in ongoing counselling. We will help you with suicidal thoughts or urges to gamble 24 hrs.


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