Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline

What can Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline do to help?

  • Crisis Gambling Counsellors will assess your need for help.
  • Crisis Gambling Counsellors will provide you with information and referral.
  • Crisis Gambling Counsellors will connect you to services.
  • Crisis Gambling Counsellors will provide support when you feel the urge to gamble.  When other services may not be available.
  • Provide you with support 24hrs 7 days a week by calling 1-800-306-6789
  • You have 4 different modes of communication with us.  Online chat, Text, Email or call.
  • Our service is Free and Confidential.

How do I arrange to see a Gambling Counsellor?

  • You can call the Saskatchewan Gambling Helpline to find the nearest Gambling Counsellor to you.  Information will be provided to you on how you access a Gambling Counsellor.  This may vary based on your health region..

I have used the Self Help resources but I am still having a problem with gambling?

Contacting a Gambling Counsellor will help you assess what other options are available and may work for you.

What will happen when I go to see a Gambling Counsellor?

The one-on-one sessions usually last an hour, but can last longer. Information shared during the session is confidential. At the first meeting, the counsellor will ask questions about the person’s situation and will assist the gambler with urgent, immediate issues first. This might include: 

  • establishing controls to limit spending or access to money
  • discussing ways to avoid gambling venues and dealing with urgent emotional, family, legal, work or school issues.

The counsellor may recommend a plan of action that includes a certain number of sessions and topics for discussion, these topics may include:

  • financial management,
  • stress reduction,
  • family communication skills,
  • alternative recreational activities,
  • the role of Gamblers Anonymous, and
  • practical ideas on how to avoid “triggers” to gambling

What else can the Gambling Counsellor help me with?

The counsellor may suggest other professional resources to assist with areas such as legal problems, financial crisis or severe depression.

What if I do not feel counselling is helping?

  • Individuals seeking assistance are free to accept or reject the recommendations of Gambling Counsellors and to suggest other ideas that might be effective.  If you aren’t comfortable with your counsellor, you are able to find a new one.

I have relapsed. What do I do now?

Gambling Counsellor will help you develop strategies to combat the urge to gamble.
Crisis Gambling Counsellors with Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline can provide support after normal work hours and on weekends when you are experiencing the urge to gamble.

Do I need a physicians referral?

You do not need a physician’s referral. A person who is very depressed or suicidal should state the urgency when arranging to talk to a Gambling Counsellor

What if I am suicidal?

A person who is very depressed or suicidal should state the urgency when arranging to talk to a Gambling Counsellor
Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline is available 24/7 Crisis Gambling Counsellors can assess your thoughts of suicide and provide you with direction..