Problem Gambling Online Self-Help

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Why Self-Help?

  • Problem gamblers can be inhibited from seeking help because of shame and secrecy.
  • Self Help provides another option in the continuum of care for gamblers, family and friends.
  • It will help all those affected understand problem gambling and gambling addiction.
  • It is free, anonymous and easy to access.
  • Having more information will help you feel more comfortable in accessing other services. 
  • Knowlege gained from Self-Help will reduce the fear of accessing additional help.


Problem Gambling Self-Help Tools and Information. What's Available?

Take the Gambling Quiz 
The quiz provides you with a nonjudgmental assessment of your problem gambling risk. "Take The Quiz"

Making a Decision about Gambling
Completing this will help you identify the benefits and cost of gambling.  It will get you to think about how you want to move forward.  Just print Making a Decision about Gambling pdf. This can be completed again at 3 or 6 month intervals to see if your gambling decision remains the same.

Monitoring Your Gambling or Urge to Gamble
Learning to understand and control gambling urges is an important step in regaining control over gambling behaviour. Using this Weekly Self-Monitoring tool will help you discover gambling patterns, triggers and coping strategies that are working.  To get started just print off the Weekly Self Monitoring Report form.  Fill it in daily keeping track of those days you gambled, didn't gamble, thoughts of gambling or days gambling was not thought about.

Gambling Behavior Self Study Guide
This Workbook will help you look at your life and your gambling, and identify the problemsyou would like to work on.  As you go through the workbook, you will learn more about gambling and how it can become a problem.  Your will also be able to look at your own life and your gambling behavior.  This should help you decide if you want to either cut down your gambling or stop gambling completely.  The Addictions Foundation of Manitoa created this workbook based on their experience helping people who are concerned about their gambling behaviour.

Print the Gambling Behavior Self-Study Workbook.pdf – Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.

The study guide includes::

  • Gambling Self Assessment
  • Information on Managing your Money
  • Gambling Patterns and Triggers
  • Filling the Void
  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle‚Äč

Note: For Saskatchewan services see Directory of Services or call the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-306-6789.

Gamblers Recovery Checklist and Worksheet

The Gamblers Recovery Checklist and Worksheet is a Self-Help tool that will help you measure where you are at and what progress you are making. It assesses 5 different areas that gambling impacts your life:

  1. Managing / Eliminating Gambling Activity 
  2. Emotional Psychological and Physical Wellbeing
  3. Social and Family Well-being
  4. Job and financial Well-being
  5. Spritual Well-being

Completing the Gamblers Recovery Checklist and Worksheet.pdf at 3 month intervals will help you measure your progress.

The Gambling Traps 

By understanding the emotional and mental traps that are part of gambling, you will gain powerful tools to protect yourself from heavy losses. The Gambling Traps pdf.

Gamblers Anonymous(GA)
Gamblers Anonymous provides people with an opportunity to share their experience. It also provides support and hope in order to stop gambling. At regular local meetings throughout Saskatchewan, members share their gambling and abstinence experiences. They discuss the 12 steps to recovery. The only membership requirement is a desire to stop gambling. There are no membership fees.

GA Services that are Available:

  • Attend a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting in the Province - See Directory of Services for Saskatchewan GA Meeting Times and Locations 
  • Call GA Tool-Free Saskatchewan Hotline – 1-855-781-9522  Regina (local): (306) 781-9522  Saskatoon (local): (306) 370-0124  Prince Alberta (local): (306) 961-6667
  • GA also has Individuals that can be contacted for support that are associated with the GA Meetings.  They are identified in the Directory of Services.
  • GA Regina Website for additional information about Gambling Addiction and Recovery.

Gam-Anon provides a supportive environment for spouses, relatives, or close friends of problem gamblers to share their experiences. This group is not affiliated with Gamblers Anonymous, but the two organizations have common goals. There is no membership fee. At this time there is currently no active meeting in the Province. In Resource Material there is a Gam-Anon Starter Kit. This would provide you with all the information that you would need to start up a Gam-Anon Meeting.  Family members are welcome to attend the Thursday Gamblers Anonymous Meetings in Regina. 

Website Links - Additional Information about Gambling Addiction

SaskGaming - Casino Regina and Moose Jaw – Casino Programs 

GameSense Information Centres are located at Casino Regina and Moose Jaw. 

See the information that is available on Casino Regina's or Casino MooseJaw website includes:

  • Gamesense Tip's - How to play responsibly
  • Voluntary Self-Exclusion - How you can stay out of the Regina and Moose Jaw Casino's
    The program enables you to voluntarily exclude yourself from Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw, the Show Lounge and restaurants, as well as Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) casinos. SIGA casinos include: Bear Claw Casino, Dakota Dunes Casino, Gold Eagle Casino, Living Sky Casino, Northern Lights Casino and Painted Hand Casino.
  • Disentiltlement of Winnings - Effective October 1, 2015, prohibited individuals are ineligible to receive any winnings including cash or prizes at Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw. Prohibited individuals are those voluntarily excluded from Saskatchewan casinos, involuntarily excluded from SaskGaming casinos, and those under the age of 19. Denying excluded individuals the opportunity to win removes the primary incentive to gamble and will help deter excluded individuals from entering SaskGaming properties. The disentitlement of winnings policy also strengthens the terms of the voluntary self-exclusion agreement which better supports individuals who have chosen to self-exclude from Saskatchewan casinos.  All disentitled funds collected will be directed to SaskGaming’s Community Giving program to be distributed to charitable organizations, projects and events in Saskatchewan.
  • Player Activity Statements - Allows you to access and review your gambling behavior.
  • Helpful Resource Material.
  •  If you have any questions about the responsible gambling program at Casino Regina or Casino Moose Jaw please contact the Manager of Responsible Gaming at Casino Regina – 306-787-2122   or cell - 306-527-6408.

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority[SIGA] - Casino Programs

provides responsible gaming information on their website.
See GameSense which includes:

  • How Gambling works
  • How Slot Machine Works
  • Responsible Gaming Stategy
  • Self Assessment
  • Self Exclusion - SIGA Self Exclusion 
  • Tips on Playing Responsibly

GamTalk - Sponsored by SaskGaming

GamTalk is an online forum / community for people with gambling issues to share their experiences and ideas. Watch the video and check out GamTalk 

Credit Counselling

Problem gambling can impact your finacial situation very quickly. So knowing where your money is going and developing a plan to manage your money is important. This will help you gain control of your gambling. The Credit Counselling Society will help you develope a plan of financial recover. It is free and confidential.

Online Gambling

Why Online Gambling Is More Dangerous Than Casino Gambling


The Self-Help resource material has been helpful but I am still gambling?

It’s not unusual for problem gamblers to need a combination of services. As they may be faced with, financial, relationship, mental health or additions issues to address. Sometime the help of experienced Crisis Gambling Counsellors and Gambling Counsellors can put things in perspective and provide the direction you need to move forward. 

Ready to move forward?

  • Call the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-306-6789‚Äč
  • Call or see a Gambling Counsellor (Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline will help you find a gambling counsellor near you).